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Rookie Rugby

Mini - 4 - 6 years old (DOB 2011-2013) - $60 registration fee

Flag - 7 - 14 years old (DOB 2003-2010)  - $65 registration fee

Tackle - 11 - 13 years old (DOB 2004-2006) & 14 - 16 years old (DOB 2003-2001) -  - $75 registration fee

Programs run for about 9-10 weeks with 4 tournaments scheduled and to be announced for later this May/June!

Rookie Rugby Spring 2017

Spring 2017

Rookie Rugby in cooperation with Manitoba Flag Rugby (MFR) is a co-ed, non-tackling game for children ages 4-15.  MFR is a fun and active start to being part of a team through the joy of rugby.  By developing the principles for the love of physical activity, team work and the skills of rugby at early ages we are aiming to develop strong values and skills that can be used throughout a lifetime.

Registration is now open!

*Some sites will host walk up registrations as well. Please contact your local club for details if they are hosting a walk up night.

Rookie Rugby is split into 3 different categories/age grades. The following is a general breakdown of the age groups for each category:

  • Please note not all sites hold tackle sessions. Please refer to the tackle tab below to find out which sites offer tackle times. 
  • And some clubs may charge an additional club membership fee, we will provide that information for you at registration as well.
  • All registrations include Rugby Canada insurance

If you register your child for Tackle Rugby, they must attend the first Flag session at his registered site. Also, when registering for Tackle Rugby, your child gets free registration into Flag Rugby as well!