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Spring Senior Sevens

What is Rugby Sevens?

Rugby Sevens is played on a full size pitch by teams of seven players rather than fifteen. The game is shorter in duration, with each half lasting seven minutes during the pool stages of a tournament, and increasing to ten for the final.

Why Play Rugby 7s?

Some of the benefits of playing rugby sevens are numerous but these are just come of the benefits you get from playing rugby sevens:

  • Builds strength:
  • Improves flexibility
  • Helps coordination & ball control
  • Increases in bone density
  • Builds discipline
  • Stress reduction
  • Helps build resilience
  • Improves mental state
  • Develops speed and endurance

Sevens Coaching Clinics

We are offering two Sevens coaching clinics next month. Please check for more details on how to register and to help get educated on the game prior to the season kickoff.

Spring Senior Sevens 2017

Coming this spring is a new rugby experience. 

You've watched it at the Olympic Games last summer. You've watched the Sevens Series matches from Vancouver this month. Now Rugby Manitoba is bringing you the opportunity to play Rugby Sevens for the first time in Manitoba at the Senior League level of play.

Spring Senior Sevens Structure

This spring we launch our Spring Senior Sevens season which will consist of a 5 week program period with games scheduled over the course of the first 4 weeks leading up to a Sevens Series Championship Tournament.

Each team will be provided with a minimum of 8 regular season games. Leading up to a tournament to finish the season (tentatively the final tournament is scheduled for May 20-21st. with the alternative date of May 27-28th available).

The season is set to kick off the weekend of April 22-23rd at Maple Grove Rugby Park.

Who Can Register?

Anyone can register for Spring Senior Sevens who is 18 years old and up. 

Got a friend or two who has never tried the game before? Sign them up!

Got a team that has never played the game but wants to enter a team? Get them registered!

Are you part of a Senior Rugby Club and want to enter a team? You can still do that too!

We aren't limiting our registration to established rugby clubs and are opening up the league to everyone to join in the game. If you've never had experience with rugby and need support let us know, we can help with that. Want to connect with a club to play under? We can set that up too.


Entrance for the league will $200 per team registered prior to March 31st (any team registered after that date will be $250.) 

For our inaugural season all games will be covered by Rugby Canada insurance and no additional individual registration will be required for the inaugural season.

Team Size?

Roster limit is 12 players max with a minimum of 9 per team. 

Divisions of Play

We offer Men's and Women's divisions respectfully. Depending on number of teams we may add more divisions per Men's or Women's sides.

If you want more information please contact our office directly.

When does Registration Start?

March 20th (however teams can submit initial rosters and intent to roster teams to starting now)